puppy falmouth

It's an important step in your puppy's development to introduce them to the salon environment. At Duchy Dog Grooming we aim to guide your puppy into the grooming process slowly, easing them into having a full groom once ready.



Regular grooming is an essential requirement for a number of breeds so it is important that they enjoy their visits free from any fear or stress. Here at Duchy Dog Grooming we offer special discounted puppy grooming rates from as early as 10 weeks (once vaccinated) and up to the age of 9 months.

Puppy grooming sessions usually last between 30-40mins depending on breed and age of the puppy and this will slowly increase as the dog gets larger and their coat matures.

Puppy Grooms include a bath, brush, dry and nail trim. Depending on the age we will also tidy the face/ eyes and introduce clipping/scissoring. It is very important to keep to a regular schedule to maintain condition of their coats so that grooming is easier and remains a positive experience.

Prices start from £15